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Refering datesसंपादन करा

Hello Abhay, Dates need to be referred as 'जानेवारी २६' instead of '२६ जानेवारी'.. Harshalhayat 06:05, 15 नोव्हेंबर 2005 (UTC)

Copyright contentसंपादन करा

Hello, thanks for reminding me about copyrighted content. When I uploaded Burma's map, I didnt notice it was copyrighted. Anyway, I've replaced it with a non-copyrighted image now.

As you said, Marathi wikipedia certainly needs some serious contributors. Most of the articles on this wiki are still stubs!

I am pursuing engg in IT and our exams are starting on 5th, so I may not be able to contribute during the exam.

Thanks Again.

~ Nikhil

नवीन पानांबद्दलची माहितीसंपादन करा

तू चुकून माझ्या चर्चा पानावर लिहिलेली माहिती मला अनायासेच उपयोगाला आली, धन्यवाद! -- अभयघैसास डिसेंबर २२, २००५.

नवीन पाने कशी निर्माण करावी?संपादन करा

या विषयी काहीच माहिती उपलब्ध नाही. कृपया एक लेख द्यावा. धन्यवाद हेमंत साठे 2005-12-09

About your requestसंपादन करा

Hello Abhay,

you will never get straight answer to this important question. so forget about providing new information. just keep on editing pages as i am doing now.

(actually i wanted to write above message in marathi but...)
                                         - friendOne
You can keep the page (referring your name) as it is, for now, though it can be deleted also.
tried to address your concern about Modi Script and details are posted at page Talk:मोडी.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 05:55, 12 December 2005 (UTC)

Blocking of IPसंपादन करा

Hello Abhay,

Blocking of IP is not encouraged for Wikipedia. The reason is simple: The address may be reassigned some genuine user by the ISP (which is most common case).
In fact, when it does occur again by the same IP address, we can leave a message for first time and then block it.
For the contributions you made, I appreciate your enthusiasm. Keep it up.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 08:14, 13 December 2005 (UTC)

Re: इ.स. Versus ई.स.संपादन करा

Hello Abhay,

I just tried 'इ.स.' and 'ई.स.' in Google, before I created first page of 'इ.स. १९६०'.
I just got more results for 'इ.स.' than 'ई.स.'.
However, it seems that 'ईसा' is more common in usage than 'इसा'.
It is upto users what to follow. You are free to decide.
But to keep consistancy, either you have to rename all articles or to continue with running pattern.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 13:05, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

Re: ई.स. vs. इ.स.संपादन करा

Hello Abhay,

Since both of the patterns are used and are in wide-spread, it will not cause any inconvenience.
So let's continue with old style, so as to direct our effort to somewhere else, that we can think more useful.
However, case-per-case, what you said is right.
Let's have a page or two with such guidelines. It is generally termed as 'Style Guide'
(famous examples are: Readers Digest Style Guide, Chicago Tribune, BBC Style guide, etc).
Even English wikipedia has its own style-guide.
If you would come up with some draft of it, we can finalize it after a certain while.
I suggest this page as starting point.
In fact, since long time, Marathi Wikipedia lacks enough documentation about 'How to edit an article'.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 13:56, 20 December 2005 (UTC)

दिनविशेषसंपादन करा

नमस्कार, अभय तू दिनविशेष भरण्यासाठी मुखपृष्ठावरून संग्रह हा दुवा वापरू शकतोस. मी पुर्वी दिनविशेष भरत होतो पण सध्या सवड नाही. यासाठी खालिल संकेतस्थळे उपयोगी अाहेत. इंडियन एज पुढारी


दिनविशेष / घटना कशा भराव्यात?संपादन करा


मी काही दिनविशेष / घटना भरू इच्छितो. तू बऱ्याच दिनविशेष घटना भरल्या आहेस म्हणून तुला विचारित आहे. एखद्या घटनेबद्दल दिनविशेष माहिती भरण्याकरिता काय काय करावे लागते?

उदा. मला खालिल घटना भरावयाची आहे:

फेब्रुवारी २०, १८४६ - ब्रिटीशांनी शिखांकडून लाहोर जिंकले.

मला कोणती कोणती पाने एडिट करावी लागतील?

मदतीबद्दल धन्यवाद - अभयघैसास 06:53, 28 December 2005 (UTC)

जागांची नावेसंपादन करा


सुचनेबद्दल धन्यवाद. मी किल्ले वगैरेंची नावे बदलली आहेत. चुकुन काही राहून गेली असली व आपण ती बदललीत तरी माझी काहीच हरकत नाही. अखेर बरोबर मिळून लेख अधिकाधिक उपयुक्त बनविणे हेच तर या प्रकल्याचे ध्येय आहे.

आपल्या इतरही काही सुचना असतील तर त्या जरूर द्याव्यात.


अभयघैसास 06:06, 3 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

calendar templateसंपादन करा

नमस्कार अभय, calendar template बद्दल हर्षल माहिती सांगू शकेल. मला वाटतेय की सध्या template hardcoded आहेत.


कोल्हापुरी 13:12, 3 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

just checked english wikipedia they seem to have a big hierarchy of different months starting on different day of weeks. like 31 day month starting on monday and so on. some huge effort is required to get that thing here.

पाने काढून टाकण्याविषयीसंपादन करा

नमस्कार अभय,

मी बराच काळ विकीनीद्रा घेत होतो त्यामुळे भरपूर गोष्टींकडे दुर्लक्ष झाले आहे.
जी पाने काढुन टाकायची आहेत त्यांना एका विशिष्ट category मध्ये आणले तर काम सोपे होईल.


कोल्हापुरी 16:54, 5 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Years, etcसंपादन करा

Hi. I was trying to find a forum or an embassy page on mr:, with no luck. Does it exist?

I am fixing the dates module in the pywikipediabot, and dates keep confusing me for mr:. Is there a format for years? I found these three articles: इ.स. १९०५, इ.स. १९४८, इ.स. १९९८. Which one has the proper name?What other date formats should i be aware off? Any special word endings, etc (like 1st, 2nd, 3rd in english?)


Please answer at en:user talk:Yurik. 17:09, 12 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

mr sysop/adminसंपादन करा

Hi, It is better for the votes emitted at meta to rest there. You already copied them at the vote page, which is fine. Let's wait a few days in order to give the users the opportunity to vote.
A personal question: Could you give me a hint about how to pronounce your user name? Thanks. Ascánder.

Sysopshipसंपादन करा

Congratulations! Following your request here, I have made you administrator. Please check the bszyop informationshere. -Romihatza 14 January 2006 20:10 (UT21

Sysophoodसंपादन करा

Hello Abhay,

Congrats for the sysophood.
I had requested Andre (who had allocated me as sysop for the site) for your sysophood. But it seems it did not work out.
Also, good job at editor front.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 16:57, 15 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

अभिनंदनसंपादन करा

Hi Abhay,

Congratulations!  Hope that you will remain active as ever and make marathi wikipedia become a success.

कोल्हापुरी 08:48, 16 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

इ.स. Pagesसंपादन करा

Hello Abhay,

You are creating year articles beginning with इ.स. instead of 'ई.स.'.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 16:40, 16 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

लिंक्ससंपादन करा

नातू साहेब, मी मराठी विकीपेडिआ ला लिंक माझ्या याहू ग्रुप्स वर तर दिलीच आहे त्या शिवाय इतर मराठी वेब पेजेस ने लिंक्स देण्याचा प्रयत्न करणे अत्यंत आवश्यक आहे.या करीता आपण administrator या नात्याने लिहीणे अधिक प्रभाव पडणारे असेल,तसेच आपण ज्या आमेरीकेच्या भागात राह्ता तिथल्या महाराष्ट्र मंडळास पण त्यांच्या वेब पेज वर लिंक देण्यास प्रयत्न सवडीने करु शकला तर बघावे. कळावे लोभ असावा user:विजय

Re: मानार्थी बहुवचनसंपादन करा

Hello अभय,

माझे वैयक्तिक मत आहे की त्या पदाचा मान राखणे क्रमप्राप्त आहे. उदा जर एखादी व्यक्ति समाजाचे प्रतिनिधित्व करीत आहे तर त्या व्यक्तिचा सन्मान करणे त्या समाजाचा सन्मान राखण्यासारखे असते.
तरीदेखील काही ठळक उदाहरणांमध्ये हे आवश्यक नाही (जसे हिटलर).

With regards, Harshalhayat 04:02, 17 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

माझे मत असे आहे की सामान्यतः ज्या व्यक्तिंच्या बाबतीत शालेय इतिहासाचे पुस्तक एकवचन वापरते त्यांच्याबद्दल आपणही एकवचन वापरावे. इतिहासासारख्या विषयामध्ये एकवचनाचा वापर हा अनादर दर्शवीत नाही. उलट एकवचनाच्या वापराने "NPOV" जास्त स्पष्ट होतो.

उदा: शिवाजीने काळाची गरज ओळखून मराठ्यांचे स्वतंत्र आरमार बांधण्यास सुरुवात केली.

किंवा: शिवाजी महाराजांनी काळाची गरज ओळखून मराठ्यांचे स्वतंत्र आरमार बांधण्यास सुरुवात केली.

यात पहिले वाक्य देखील एक महात्वाचा गुण सांगत आहे पण दुसरे वाक्य हे उगीचच जाहिरात केल्या सारखे वाटू लागते. मला वाटते की पहिल्या वाक्यानेही अजिबात अनादर दिसत नाही.

याला अपवाद म्हणजे अर्वाचीन इतिहासातील नेते की ज्यांच्याबद्दल आदरार्थी बहूवचन वापरणे सामान्य पद्धत झाली आहे (उदा.:टिळक, गांधी, नेहरू, वगैरे). इथे आपणही बहूवचन वापरणे योग्य ठरेल.

फक्त माझे मत!

अभयघैसास 04:14, 19 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Re: मानार्थी बहुवचनसंपादन करा

Valid points, Abhay.

The rationale I've been using for bestowing मानार्थी बहुवचन on a person is --

"Is the person being referred to greater in fame/respect/[insert an appropriate quality here] than a reference site that's (sort of) timeless."

When I write about someone here (or in any other public medium) I don the mantle of the medium itself. If I'm writing on a personal blog, everyone gets मानार्थी बहुवचन. When I'm writing for a medium such as this, most everyone does not. I have seen this in the writings of many a famed public speakers/writers and agree with the philosophy there.

One of the inconsistencies that will creep in if the decision is based strictly on recent/past persona is - when do we flip the switch for a person to become sufficiently old and who determines that... :-)

Of course, that's my own personal preference and I would *never* impose upon anyone :-) I brought up the issue to see what others thought of it.

अभय नातू 05:33, 19 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

p.s. I hardly believe that ANY of the persons that are referred to in the singular would actually take exception to that, especially on wikipedia. If anyone, it will be the sychphant brigade. The doers of great deeds hardly have any ego left at the end of their illustrious lives :-P

I agree with the view by Abhay Ghaisas. Whenever writing about anything/anybody we should first consider the readers in mind (and not the person who we are writing about). Although, the information in the Wikipedia is not for the people of any specific region, we should not forget that almost all of the readers of marathi wikipedia have some connection with Maharashtra. I guess right now we don't have to worry about when to switch from plural to singular, but follow the thumb rules prevalent in the society.


readers?संपादन करा

Your statement is counter-intutive...

How on earth can we know who is reading this stuff? OTOH, we very well know that it is not you or I writing, rather wikipedia itself that is representing information. How would you keep in mind the Pakistani reader reading about Mahatma Gandhi or the Neo-Nazi janata reading about Hitler? Do not even get me started about Sawarkar or Nathuram Godse :-) And what about Laloo? Would you want to use plural for Sharad Pawar and singular for Laloo? The Dubai Mafia gang?(NOTHING has been proven against them...) Phoolan Devi? Mind you, she was an MP!! :-D

I can not fathom how/why would you want to cater to the zillions of categories of readers?

It is understood that absolutely no disrespect is meant by using singular form when referring to anyone. Also, what exactly did you mean by 'thumb rules prevalent in the society'? Without getting too self-important, let me stress that society and its rules are what *you* and I make, and this (wikipedia) carries more weight than our collective....So let's do what's right, and not simply what is prevalent in society....

In any case, until we have firm guidelines, to each his/her own :) This debate is getting too long, imho.

अभय नातू 16:49, 19 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

--- p.s. This post may seen angry, but believe me it's not...just forceful :-)

OK... Abhay cool down.., first of all I forgot to mention that it is my personal view. So sorry if that made you angry.. BTW, in my view it is not counter intuitive. By "thumb rule", I mean is that the standard practice followed in newspapers, TV, magazines and books. So with this practice, plural form is used not only used for Gandhiji, but also to Musharaf, Jinnah, Lalu Prasad Yadav etc. These rules are not made by a single person but are evolved by the repeatative use from many marathi educated people (and hence the connection to maharashtra). We can follow the example of "Marathi Wishvakosh". As you said, it is not you or I, who is writing but Wikipedia is. And hence in my opinion we should follow the standard practice. I don't know about the others, but I would definately feel awkward in reading/writing sigular reference for the leader of recent era. But others are free to use with which they are comfortable with.. Hope my point is clear.


विकिपीडिआ संपादनसंपादन करा

नमस्कार अभय,

विकिपीडिआ संपादनाविषयीचे सर्व लेख 'विकिपीडिआ:संपादन' या वर्गामध्ये असणे अपेक्षित आहे.

With regards, Harshalhayat 04:10, 17 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

अभिनंदनसंपादन करा

आपण मराठी विकिपीडियाचे प्रबंधक झाल्याबद्दल अभिनंदन व आपण करत असलेल्या कामासाठी मनापासुन शुभेच्छा!

- अभयघैसास 05:30, 18 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

अभय माझ्या तर्फेही हार्दिक अभिनंदन. आपल्याकडुन पुढेही अशाच किंवा यापेक्षा जास्त योगदानाची अपेक्षा आणि त्यासाठी शुभेच्छा !!!!!


माझेही अभिनंदनसंपादन करा

आपण मराठी विकिपीडियाचे प्रबंधक झाल्याबद्दल अभिनंदन व आपण करत असलेल्या कामासाठी माझ्याही मनापासुन शुभेच्छा!

- ashintosh

thanksसंपादन करा

Thanks a lot! I am working in Pune now for last 4-5 months. Got a letter from council last week that I got my degree!

कोल्हापुरी 15:32, 30 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Word completeसंपादन करा

Hello अभय,

In few articles you wrote, I could find glued word-links, for example 'ईंग्लंडचा राजा'.
I feel it can be completed as - 'ईंग्लंडचा राजा' or ईंग्लंडचा राजा with respect to context.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 17:49, 30 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Kurówसंपादन करा

Could you please write a stub http://mr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kur%C3%B3w - just a few sentences based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kur%C3%B3w ? Only 2 -5 sentences enough. Please. Pietras1988 21:39, 30 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Thx for article. Sorry but I translated only about 4 sentences because I'm weak on English. Pietras1988 09:05, 31 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

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