मी विकिकर या नावाने मनोगत संकेतस्थळाचा सदस्य आहे.

सुस्वागतम Welcome


I like to edit , a free encyclopedia at Marathi Wikipedia A very usefull help section is available in English Language and Marathi both languages

MarathiWikipedia is only encyclopedia of its kind available on internet and that to free of cost. One can find all type of information about Marathi language ,people and Maharashtraa culture, Marathi wikipedia is very informative about Science, Sport like Cricketetc.

I have contributed to Marathi Wikipedia in small way in subjects like History,Language,Geographical Areas, Personalities,Food etc.

Whether one wants to find information about Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bacchan ,from Pu La Deshapande to Va Pu Kale ,Whether it is history of Shivaji ,or a Ganesh festival from bollywood to hollywood ,from computer information technology to biomedics and that too every thing in Marathi ,a great Marathi encyclopedia and directories on wikipedia ,simply great!!!

Join with me in this great exploration of knowledge and contribution in our own mother tongue Marathi about Maharashtra , India and the globe.

मराठी,मराठी आणि सहज संपुर्ण सुंदर मराठी!!!

माझा मराठी टंक बराहा My Marathi Font


I found this font Baraha most user friendly and most flexible among available and known options for Marathi or many other Indian Langauges. Besides this font is easy to down load online or I always carry the same on my pen drive or floppies also. Baraha बराहा

माझी विकिपीडिया योगदानाची रुचकर खिचडी


माझ्या बद्दल


माझे नाव विजय आहे. मी छंद म्हणुन काही मराठी याहु ग्रुप्स मॉडरेट करतो.

Jay Marathi,Jay Maharashtra !!!!

आपणासी जे जे ठावें, ते दुसर्‍यांसी सांगावे, शहाणे करूनी सोडावे, सकलजन.

-- समर्थ रामदास.