"गोवा आंतरराष्ट्रीय विमानतळ" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

याशिवाय भारतीय आरमाराची [[कामोव्ह केए-२८]] प्रकारची पाणबुडीविरोधी हेलिकॉप्टर, [[इल्युशिन आयएल-१८|आयएल-१८]], [[इल्युशिन आयएल-३८|आयएल-३८]] आणि [[तुपोलेव्ह टीयू-१४२एम|टीयू-१४२एम]] प्रकारची विमाने दाबोळी विमानतळावर स्थित आहेत. भारतीय वायुसेनेची काही लढाऊबॉम्बफेकी विमाने आणि भारतीय तटरक्षक सेना आपली डॉर्नियर प्रकारची विमाने दाबोळीस ठेवतात. ही विमाने किनाऱ्याजवळील समुद्रात गस्त घालतात तर आरमाराची निःशस्त्र विमाने थेट आफ्रिकेच्या किनाऱ्यापर्यंत टेहळणी करीत असतात. आरमारी वायुसेनेची [[किरण (विमान)|किरण]] ही हवाई कसरती करणारी विमानेसुद्धा दाबोळीत आहेत. ही विमाने वर्षातून दोन वेळा १५-२० मिनिटांच्या कसरती गोव्यात करुन दाखवतात. दाबोळी विमानतळावरच आरमारी वायुसेनेचे संग्रहालयही आहे.
==सामान वाहतूक==
दाबोळी विमानतळावरुन प्रतिवर्षी अंदाजे ५,००० टन मालसामानाची वाहतूक होते. येथून मुख्यत्वे आखाती देशांत मासे, फळे, फुले व भाज्यांची निर्यात होते.
==एर कार्गो==
Dabolim's potential for air cargo has not yet been seriously tapped. An estimated {{convert|5000|t|short ton|lk=on}} of cargo were handled annually as of a few years ago and may have declined since then. Meanwhile 90% of India's air cargo is concentrated in the top six airports together with Ahmedabad. Most of the country's air cargo is carried in the belly-space of airlines such as Air India rather than in dedicated freighters. There is no worthwhile cargo complex at Dabolim especially for perishables like fish, fruits, flowers and vegetables for which there is a significant export market in the Gulf countries. Meanwhile Goa's pharmaceutical companies carry out their export/import operations via Mumbai airport. The customs staff in Dabolim's vicinity are focused on ship cargo. The Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) had been pleading for priority to air cargo for several years. The state government had even agreed, in principle, to allotting nearby land to AAI but there has been no perceptible progress in this direction.
==पृष्ठभाग वाहतुक जोडण्या==
Passengers can reach the airport using taxis, buses, trains, or automobiles. Public buses go to the nearby city of Vasco da Gama, approximately 4&nbsp;km (2&nbsp;mi) away, and also stop at the closer [[Chicalim]] bus stop, about {{convert|1.5|km|mi|abbr=on}} from the airport. Local mini-buses connect both Vasco da Gama and Chicalim to the airport. Pre-paid taxis are available from the airport. There are various new transportation plans in the works, including the addition of a second bridge. Meanwhile plans for a 6-lane, north-to-south expressway are on hold in Goa. A monorail system is also being considered. All these plans have implications for the proposed Mopa airport and its link to Dabolim and Goa's population centres.
Railway tracks of [[Indian Railways]], which also run through Goa, pass beside the airport. The nearest station is at Vasco da Gama city. The port at [[Mormugao]] is located about {{convert|5|km|mi|abbr=on}} away.
[[Konkan Railway]] provides services to [[Margao]] in [[South Goa]], [[Thivim]] (Tivim) in [[North Goa]], [[Karmali]] and [[Ponda]].
==घटना व अपघात==
*On 1 October 2002, two Ilyushin IL-18s collided and crashed near Dabolim airport killing 12 naval personnel in the planes and 3 civilians on the ground.{{Citation needed | date=July 2009}}