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Hello Marathihelp,

Welcome and thank you for your recent edit/s using English language or a non-Marathi language.

This is Marathi language Wikipedia and here Marathi (in Devanagari script) it is the most preferred language of USAGE. Marathi Wikipedia provides you a comprehensive Marathi language support. You are welcome to practise your test edit/s using Marathi typing skills at our own local sandbox.

One can use non-Marathi language only on limited pages like Wikipedia embassy, but not in main article space, one will be appreciated if one removes non-Marathi text on their own from the main article namespace, if it is so used, otherwise your failure to do so may tempt other editors to edit/delete the same according to various agreed Marathi Wikipedia norms.

You are always WELCOME to participate in our Translation Project and you can make your {{Translate}} requests there.

Attention! Kindly note that for all ARTICLES other than few essential exceptions, the article name has to be essentially in Marathi language (Devanagari script). For more information regarding this, you may refer to our विकिपीडिया:शीर्षकलेखन संकेत. Please consider an option to create your own account, if you still do not have any at "Marathi language Wikipedia"/mr wiki.

For all those who are here with little or no familiarity with some or other form of Devanagari script, kindly take a note that grammar, usage of alphabets and pronounciation of "Devanagari script" in Marathi language is substantially different than in all other languages which use Devanagari script for writing, including that of Hindi language. We at "Marathi Wikipedia" hereby encourage you to have your first edits in Devanagari script at our discussion page (sandbox), where you can write your request/s before editing any NEW or MAIN article in Marathi Wikipedia. This will help you to acquaint with "Marathi Devanagari Script", grammar, language specific skills and tools used on this Wikipedia.

If you wish to help us by participating in this Wikipedia Project, kindly visit this Wikipedia Project page for more information.
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