hi Himanshu,
I'd be glad to become a sysad and contribute to wikipedia as time permits. Pl add account name to system admin list.

Clearing of the messसंपादन करा


I request you to delete one page which was created by me as spelling mistake. The page title is 'Categories:ऋग्वेद'.
Similarly, I am little confused to spell 'Wikipedia' in Marathi. Should that be spelled as 'विकिपीडिआ' or else 'विकिपेडिआ'?
My vote goes to latter one..विकिपेडिआ

Also, please create a category for each of such maintenance (deletion, etc) (e.g. vfd, tfd, etc).

Thanks and regards,

calculationsसंपादन करा

It seems that calculations / using expressions with devenagri numbers is not possible. English numbers have to be used for this purpose, is there any way to do calculations using devnagri numbers or is there any method to convert any devnagri number to english for calculation purpose, I have done something simillar for {{YearDEV2EN}} but it only for a set of numbers, doing it for all the numbers is impossible using template (obviously a simple template).

Maihudon १०:०९, १४ जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)

raised a request for adminshipसंपादन करा

i have raised a request to grant admin rights for marathi wikipedia at विकिपीडिया:कौल. Please let me know if there are any questions.

सुभाष राऊत (चर्चा योगदान संख्या नोंदी स्थानांतराची नोंद रोध यादी विपत्रपत्ता)

Commentसंपादन करा


Obviously this is in furtherance of the concerns I and others have brought to RFAR at the English Wikipedia. I've taken another look, and note two things - a highly productive history of a good editor there and admin on the English Wikipedia and a lack of contact. My impression is you're reading this page, but not responding to comments on it.

Can you just make sure that if/when people question edits there, you'll be able to respond well to any discussion and unblock requests by others, and maybe also drop a note here in reply to confirm that's all taken care of, or just let people know what the status quo is, and if all's okay. It matters :-)

The other thing is, email per se isn't the important thing, so much as communication. It's the combination of no discussion of edits and no email/no posts to any user/no communication, that's a concern. In some of those edits, people have raised concerns needing attention. If possible, please ensure the communication concerns of other editors (if any) would be addressed quickly, or at any rate, please acknowledge you received this message. If you're taking a break, and switched email off to not be disturbed, and won't be editing a while, feel free to let others know, it's fine :)

As an admin your responsiveness to other's views matters, because it is a role model for the community and other users. Please, do respond and discuss as part of editing, if such concerns come up.

If you don't discuss edits even when users ask you to, then it is possible you might get blocked at the English Wikipedia, temporarily until communication's resolved, purely to avoid the situation where something is edited and questioned but then there's silence in response to any questions. Editing needs good care and part of that has got to be responsiveness if there's a query on the way.

Adminship is not just about the tools, its about general conduct these days; it's part of admin policy and has been for a long time. I'd hate to see that happen, hopefully mentioning it will draw your attention, or at the least you won't end up in situations where your edits cause concern and you aren't aware of it.

Apologies for this, and if you need to, or need any help at all whatsoever, please do email me Special:EmailUser/MBisanz without hesitation, and we'll sort it out more fully that way.

If all is in fact okay and it's all good, or you're taking a break and just doing a bit well-intentioned housekeeping on the side - hope its a good one, and that this note is not a problem :) But please only engage in editing, if you'll be contactable and responsive for any discussions that might arise.

Best :) MBisanz talk 14:27, 20 October 2008 (UTC)

नमस्कार Hemanshu~mrwiki, आपण मराठी विकिपीडियावर लेखनाच्या केलेल्या प्रयत्नांकरिता अभिनंदन आणि धन्यवादही. आपली मराठी विकिपीडिया वर १० पेक्षा जास्त संपादने झाली आहेत. विकिपीडिया इतर वेबसाईट पासून भिन्न असून तो एक वस्तुनिष्ठ ज्ञानकोश आहे. आपण विकिपीडिया:नवीन सदस्यांना मार्गदर्शन का लेख पाहिलाच असेल. लेखनास जमेल तेवढे संदर्भ देणे अभिप्रेत असते. विकिपीडिया:हवे होते अपेक्षा, विकिपीडिया परीघ, आवाका आणि मर्यादा आणि विकिपीडिया:नवीन सदस्यांकडून होणाऱ्या सर्वसाधारण संपादन त्रुटी लेखांचा अभ्यास करावा. आपणास इतरही सहलेखक मार्गदर्शन करतीलच. आपल्या आवडीच्या विषयात असेच लेखन घडत राहो ही शुभेच्छा.

१ मे, २०१३
मराठी विकिपीडियाच्या दहाव्या वर्धापनदिनानिमित्त स्मृतिचिन्ह
आपल्या विकिपीडियावरील सहभागाबद्दल, सहवासाबद्दल आणि उत्कृष्ट योगदानाबद्दल
हे मराठी विकीचे अभिमान गौरव निशाण आपणांस देण्यात येत आहेमाहितगार (-खुलं खुलं आभाळ तसा.. मीही खुला खुला.. दारं, खिडक्या, भिंती यांची.. सवय झाली तुला..? ) (चर्चा) १३:४७, १ मे २०१३ (IST)

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