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Bot Flag संपादन


Per w:mr bot policy, please operate your bot on w:mr to make 50+ edits under supervision. Once completed, let one of the crats know, who will review work and grant you the bot flag.


अभय नातू (चर्चा) ०७:४९, ५ एप्रिल २०१३ (IST)Reply[reply]

I will run the script once over mr wiki which could edit anywhere between 5 and 200ish times. I will reply here once the run is complete. Addshore (चर्चा) ०५:४७, ७ एप्रिल २०१३ (IST)Reply[reply]
This may take a little while longer than I first expected as I am currently migrating databases and servers! Addshore (चर्चा) ०९:२९, १० एप्रिल २०१३ (IST)Reply[reply]

Error report संपादन


I observed your bots earliar some edits e.g. 1, 2, 3 etc and noticed some iw links remaining there. I think your bot only removing the links that are already on wikidata so give us your error report page link i.e. remaining links and pages need to be added by other bots/editors or remaining interwikis should be handled by human and people can list articles that need human attention. Thanks -- संतोष दहिवळ (चर्चा) १३:२५, १८ एप्रिल २०१३ (IST)Reply[reply]

Please see here :), The bot is not also adding links to wikidata where it can. Addshore (चर्चा) १५:३१, १८ एप्रिल २०१३ (IST)Reply[reply]