I apologize in advance for only writing this in English, my ability in other languages is rather small. My main focus is on cross wiki vandalism,spam and abuse as part of the m:SWMT). I will also occasionally venture onto larger wikis (beyond my home EnWiki) to undo cross-wiki spam links. I tend to be a little slower at reverting non English sites because I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I tag something for deletion or revert it. I will tab over to translate the changes or ask someone who knows the language before I do so unless it's obvious (one word dictionary articles etc.) I have also been known to have problems finding the right button before I've switched the preferences :).

You can contact me here on my talk page, on my Meta Wiki talk page or on my English Wikipedia talk page.Please don't be afraid to use whichever is easiest for you as I get an email if you edit most of my talk pages. If you think I made a mistake or have a question on anything PLEASE let me know so that I can clarify and avoid confusion it in the future.

I am also a Global rollbacker which allows me the use of some tools (such as the rollback tool) that non admins do not always have. This may be why you see me do things that are unexpected for such a new user to your site. As I said above if you have ANY questions please let me know.