"सदस्य चर्चा:अभय नातू" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

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==Change in Username==
Namaste, I am Shubha working for Samskrit wiki. I want to have a global account in the name of Shubha instead of my previous user name Shubhabangalore. In this I am facing some problem in Mr wiki. I was guided to make the request in this page. Will you please help me in renaming ? [[सदस्य:Shubhabangalore|Shubhabangalore]] ०५:३८, १३ ऑक्टोबर २०११ (UTC)
== BRFA ==
Hello! Could you please have a look at my bot request and see if you can grant the bot flag for [[User:HiW-Bot|HiW-Bot]]? Request for approval: [[विकिपीडिया:Bot#HiW-Bot|here]]. Thanks for your time! --[[सदस्य:Hedwig in Washington|Hedwig in Washington]] ११:१३, १३ ऑक्टोबर २०११ (UTC)