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तमिळ लोक किंवा तमिळ माणसं Tamil people (तमिळ: தமிழர், तमिळर्)also called Tamils or Tamilians, are a linguistic group native to तमिळ नाडु, a state in India and the north-eastern region of श्रीलंका. They speak तमिळ (தமிழ்), with a recorded history going back two millennia.[१] Emigrant communities are found across the world, notably Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, and the UK. The Tamils are mostly Hindus with sizable Christian and Muslim populations.

लोकसंख्येविषयक माहितीसंपादन करा

All population data has been taken from Ethnologue, with the exception of the data for Sri Lanka, which was taken from the CIA World Factbook's Sri Lanka page.

बाह्य दुवेसंपादन करा

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