Priya Hiregange
Sr. Project Assistant
"'My definition [of agile] is that"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

About me

I, Priya Hiregange, work at the prestigious IIT Bombay as a Sr. Project Assistant. I take care of the accounts and finances of various projects since 2010. I'm very passionate about photography. I never get tired of picking up my camera and clicking pictures. Be it pictures of beautiful birds or animals or flowers and so on. But one of the things that I most love about photography… capturing moments and emotions of people. I feel it's so amazing that memories can be preserved as pictures so that people can relive those moments by looking at them. Besides these, photography has introduced me to many people at different places whom I can now call as friends..

My work

Working as a Sr. Project Assistant at IIT Bombay since June 2011 in the accounts and finance department.

Contact me

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