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Fixed a few spelling and grammar mistakes
छो (Fixed a few spelling and grammar mistakes)
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**** This template is fast help template page meant for aproachingapproaching an anonymous user quickly , if one is looking for any help. This template is among the most visible to new Anonymous Wikipedians
**** and the rest of the web.
Hello & Welcome to the [[#प्रिय अनामिक सदस्य,|Marathi]] [[मुखपृष्ठ|Wikipedia!]].! My user name is [[User:]] and I requestwould like you to create a [[:mr:Special:Userlogin|User name]] of your own , in the same way I am using. This helpswill help us(800 strongcreate a stronger user community) to assist you a little better.
We have several help pages in Marathi, Hindi and English languages to provide you help besides, and if you provide us with the following details some onesomeone from the helpdesk can give you more personalisedpersonalized attention.
*Your Name:
*Your Email Address:
*Your MessangerMessenger ID:
*Your MotherNative ToungeLanguage:
*Do you know what an Operating System is? (Yes/No)
**If,Yes ,Which is your operating System of your computer?
*Do you know what a browser is ?
*In this visit couldCan you read Marathi? Language?(Yes/no)
**If yes couldcan you write Marathi Languagein Marathi? (Yes/No)
Thanking you,
We bring to your noticeattention that,presently currently you are contributing as an anonymous user and your IP address is gettingbeing recorded in the page history. It is very much advisable that you signlog in [[:mr:Special:Userlogin|here]] before you edit.
[[:mr:Special:Userlogin|loginlogging in]] will help you in many ways.
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