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१९९ बाइट्सची भर घातली ,  ११ वर्षांपूर्वी
===Wikimedia Indian chpater===
As you might be aware, we are planning to start an India chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. Please see [[meta:Wikimedia India|Wikimedia India]] for details. We're currently working on the [[meta:Wikimedia India/bylaws|draft of bylaws]]. If you are interested, please join the discussion on meta, and subscribe to the [http://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikimediaindia-l wikimediaindia-l mailing list]. [[सदस्य:Utcursch|Utcursch]] १७:५७, १० डिसेंबर २००७ (UTC)
[[File:JV time zones.JPG|इवलेसे|डावे]]
[[Image:Wikimaniasmall2008.png|right|250px|Wikimania 2008 banner]]
'''[[w:Wikimania|Wikimania]]''' is a conference held yearly for users of the [[Wikimedia Foundation]] projects, including Wikipedia, Wikinews, etc.
It has been decided by the jury team that Wikimania 2009 will be held in [[w:Buenos Aires|Buenos Aires]].
===Wikimania २००९ ===
[[Image:Logo Wikimanía Buenos Aires.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Wikimania Buenos Aires 2009 banner]]