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What sort of modification in this article is warranted so as to make it suitable to be a part of Marathi wikipedia?Like other articles written by me, I just wrote the main text and others helped formatting it.Others also inserted the pictures of Dr.M.G.Ramachandran and others.Please let me know what modification is required in the text so that I can make it.

---संभाजीराजे Dear Sambhajiraje, While moderating this article This chap had not refered which other pages you have edited and written. dear friend , I came to this article since I found this is the longest article in Marathi Wikipedia as of now and that brought my attention to moderate it further. Certainly it is well written.But was too long and there was hardly any place that it could have been curtailed. If some one can suggest better headings for paras ,Why not think for Featured Article on Main Page.

Another important thing this article needs is references.

And My article are also being moderated by other members , That is wiki spirit . If I am gone wrong some where please correct the same.

Have nice wikitime

Regards Vijay

Vijay, Of course this is a very lengthy article.I am not sure if it is the longest so far on Marathi wiki as I have not seen other articles here.You said it right.It is rather difficult to curtail some of the events mentioned as they are some of the important milestones in the history of AIADMK party.For example, history of the party is incomplete if the legacy and solid foundation laid by Dr.M.G.Ramachandran is not mentioned.Similarly,landslide victory of the party in 1991, followed by doom in 1996, again raising back in 1998 and constant demands made to Vajpayee government,arrest of Karunanidhi all are important milestones in the history of the party and they have to be mentioned.Some of the details I think unnecessary are party's victory in Dindigul byeelection and Pondecherry and settlement of Krishna water dispute with Andhra Pradesh.They do not add much value to the article.So I am removing them.

As far as references are concerned,they are many.One of them is the official website of AIADMK, www.aiadmkindia.org . I also referred to the article on Dr.M.G.Ramachandran on English wiki.Rajiv Gandhi's Tamilnadu politics was taken from the biography of Late Rajiv Gandhi by Nicholas Nugent, named 'Rajiv Gandhi:Son of dynasty'.The electoral statistics concerning the number of seats won by AIADMK,DMK, and Congress and also the votes polled by the three parties in 1989 elections was obtained directly from the website of election commission of India: www.eci.gov.in . The dates of swearing in of Dr.MGR or Karunanidhi were obtained from www.rulers.org .Further some of the events mentioned are directly from my memory.For example,Chandrashekhar's government dismissed DMK government of Karunanidhi on Janury 30,1991.The date is directly from my memory.I have been following the political events in the country closely since 1989.But if somebody needs reference for that,I am unable to provide it.If I am wrong on that,of course wiki spirit allows anybody to correct the date.But I bet it could not be wrong by more than 1 day here and there.

Also I am not an experienced wikipedian.I have written only a few articles so far-- this one, Sambhaji,Sharad Pawar and Inder Kumar Gujral.I just wrote the main text of the article while others broke it down into paragraphs with suitable headings in bold font.However I was not able to break down the text that way.I would appreciate if you could write something on that.



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To see a list of long articles on marathi wiki - go to विशेष पृष्ठे on the bottom left bar, then click on long pages. That will give you a list of longest pages with sizes.

There are a number of other interesting pages in that list.

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