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This template is a First of three needed column templates when desiring to display two formated columns side by side. It was adapted from a साचा:Wpd template set with the same names.
  • It must be used with {{Mid}} and {{Bottom}} to form a complete table of two columns.

The additional parameter (either) bgcolor or bgColor can be defined to change the default color of the template display, from a light yellow. The other templates listed below default to a transparent color instead of yellow.

Default parameters
border=0 width=100%
Default perameters may be overridden by expressing the matching named parameter.
{| border={{{border|0}}}  width={{{width|100%}}}
|bgcolor={{bgColor|{{{bgcolor|"#FFFFE0"}}}}}} valign=top width=48%|
... data within table
Parameters are:
bgColor or bgcolor affecting bgcolor
border             affecting border style, including color, width, etc.
width              affecting overall width, within which the inner column width is applied.

Use Example shown below:
*The first list of items, usually bulleted links
*The second list of items, usually bulleted links
Appearance of above use
  • The first list of items, usually bulleted links
  • 2...
  • 3...
  • The second list of items, usually bulleted links
  • 2...
  • 3...

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

A border of 2px (1px width on each side) corresponds to a 5%. Therefore, with a 2px border — for example, as in Wikipedia:Tutorial (Wrap-up and more info) — the width needs to be 95% for the table to fit within the screen. Since it's possible that some tables might not have a border, correction on the individual page could be made after substitution. Another way to create a two column table is like this:

Left column
Right column