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952644781 2020-04-23T09:50:14Z Uzume update tracking to use [[Module:Wd]] instead of the unmaintained and deprecated [[Module:Wikidata]]
879956037 2019-01-24T13:27:51Z Zyxw Add Wikidata tracking categories. Tested with /sandbox, /testcases, and articles. Same as previously tested and working in templates {{Death-date}} and {{Death year and age}}.
798380525 2017-09-01T15:47:41Z WOSlinker move hidden span to start to help with table sorting
656085016 2015-04-12T07:22:43Z WOSlinker add error categories
656084984 2015-04-12T07:22:19Z WOSlinker add error categories
629407059 2014-10-13T07:26:22Z Callanecc Changed protection level of Template:Death date: [[WP:High-risk templates|Highly visible template]]: Allowing template editors, around 7000 transclusions ([Edit=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only template editors and adm
463294562 2011-11-30T13:32:48Z Redrose64 add class "deathdate" per talk page request
394430433 2010-11-02T19:18:38Z WOSlinker add dday
388137127 2010-10-01T18:02:07Z WOSlinker remove {{pp-template}}
314522586 2009-09-17T13:05:41Z Rich Farmbrough remove leading zeros
314522401 2009-09-17T13:04:09Z Rich Farmbrough
235504144 2008-09-01T02:33:51Z RockMFR rm date links per WP:DATE
155487649 2007-09-03T20:41:03Z MZMcBride made change per talk request
154144365 2007-08-28T10:39:18Z Rich Farmbrough remove linear seperator.
154134990 2007-08-28T09:18:17Z Rich Farmbrough Protected Template:Death date: Very widely used template. [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
154133170 2007-08-28T09:00:43Z Rich Farmbrough
154021287 2007-08-27T20:18:40Z Rich Farmbrough
145981043 2007-07-20T19:29:04Z Patleahy /* Usage */ Document df (day first) option.
131423049 2007-05-17T00:01:08Z Patleahy Add a df (day first) option to this template. See [[Template talk:Euro birth date#Suggested move]].
129013783 2007-05-07T18:58:07Z Patleahy This is the correct version.
129013110 2007-05-07T18:55:46Z Patleahy Revert my own changes. I had not intended to make them yet.
129012563 2007-05-07T18:53:52Z Patleahy Make the same as Death date
129012430 2007-05-07T18:53:26Z Patleahy Make the same as Death date
127620321 2007-05-02T06:07:45Z Patleahy Death date should not redirect to [[Template:Birth date]] now that template includes the bday hCard tag.
116552936 2007-03-20T16:17:03Z Fourthords + redirection;