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Hello My Name is Wasim Khan. I am From Latur,महाराष्ट्र,India. From Past Few Years i am Regular Reader of Wikipedia. But Now i Become the Editor of Wikipedia. I am Student. Currently studying in Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur in the B.Sc. Final Year, A Reputed College in India. I can I Can Read, Write and Speak Marathi, Hindi and English Language Perfectly. I Slightly Know Urdu Language also but Not Perfectly. Currently I am working on the Marathi Literature Project in the College.

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en-2 ही व्यक्ती मध्यम पातळीचे इंग्लिश लेख निर्माण करु शकते.
This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English.

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This is Medal of Register Editor. This Service Badge is Given For Excellent Work in Contributing For Wikipedia Articles. Signator Means the Scroll of Signatures this Badge was Also awarded to Mr. Wasim Khan for editing in wikipedia This Ribbon is also honor for me its given for Editing More than 50 Articles.

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