I registered with Marathi wiki on 7/06/2006, since then I tried to contribute in whatever way possible to Marathi Wikipedia. Many people helped me a lot specially with grammar. Marathi Grammar was always a problem for me since school days but after so many years on marathi wiki I can say for sure, I am improved slightly there. I want to thank every one for that.

Looking at so many hidden members and agenda, I lost my hope of return of sanity on Marathi Wikipedia. This is the only reason I have decided to say good bye to Marathi Wikipedia. There is absolutely no other reason.

Regarding recent allegations, I still maintain I stand by whatever I said and i believe in whatever I said, If anyone was offended by my post they were meant to be offended.

When many people work together like on Wikipedia there are bound to be differences. I have seen quite a few such discussion many times there will solution, some times there will be agreement for disagreement, but everything moved on because all the concerned user's had intention to contribute to enrich Marathi Wikipedia without any personal issue.

I first realized some unusual problem with Marathi Wikipedia, when user रायबा with 0 edit written a article about मराठी विकिपीडियावरील टिका that to with excerpt from a news paper article. Following things were clear to me,

  • user रायबा is a existing user with duplicate user id.
  • Except for person with some personal agenda, I don't see any reason for any one to contact a news paper reporter and criticize Marathi Wikipedia. Besides Marathi Wikipedia is still struggling to stand on it's feet in terms of content as compared to other Wikipedia's. Normally there will be 3-4 active contributors, I found it difficult to understand in terms of marathi wikipedia, how can some user have so much problem.User with intention to contribute on Marathi Wikipedia will be always hard pressed for free time, to complete there intended articles.
  • From my point 2, it was clear to me this is a different breed of users with no intention to contribute on Marathi Wikipedia with only vendetta against some individual Marathi wiki contributor.

Recently there is flood of controversies with following type of user's mostly involved,

  • anonymous users,
  • hindi speaking contributors who can not understand Marathi,
  • new users without a single contribution and
  • users with multiple user id's.

All these user's will be fighting continuously on Marathi Wikipedia, there language will be mostly abusive towards the user's contributing on Marathi Wikipedia.

In this reference in one of my post, I had written following

I hardly see a reason for someone who has not even contributed 10 edits or not even registered with wiki has issue with functioning of Marathi wiki. I guess its personal vendetta of some one or a group with some individual contributor of Marathi Wikipedia. When individual’s start destroying a noble cause (Marathi wiki) for such reasons , their actions are nothing more than shameful and disgrace.

allegation against me


भीमरावमहावीरजोशीपाटील active on marathi wiki since 6th may 2012 with number of edits 67 excluding discussions asked for my removal from marathi wiki sysop Maihudon यांचे पक्षपाती आणि इतर वर्तना बद्दल प्रचालक पदावरून राजीनामा हवा.

In response to this alleged me of castism or जातियवाद. That was the most idiotic statement and that's why I have decided not to reply to his rant.

For fellow mr:wikipedians


All these years, I really liked working together with you all. I wish you all very best for all your future activities on Marathi Wikipedia.

I was/am very much impressed with dedication / enthusiasm of so many individual contributors that's really very inspiring.

I waited a long for things to get smooth and sanity to return, but I lost all my hope for things to be smooth on Marathi Wikipedia.

Looking at so many hidden members and agenda, I think I am right.

I will be taking a long wiki break with no intention or plan to return to Marathi Wikipedia.

If I return to wiki it will be mostly for may be English or German wiki, where I can edit on Maharashtra related article and Indian sports related article.

I will be applying to stewards for removal of my admin rights since now it will not be necessary at all.

I also want to assure everyone that, I will not be returning to marathi wikipedia neither as anonymous user nor as a duplicate user.