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→‎Image licensing: नवीन विभाग
(→‎Image licensing: नवीन विभाग)
== Image licensing ==
Hello Czeror, I saw you are uploading pictures to the Marathi Wikipedia, like [[:चित्र:ZenGarden.jpg|this one]] or [[:चित्र:RovioLogo.png|this one]] without a clear source and license given. Please notice that on Wikimedia projects ([[meta:Non-free content|if not stated otherwise]], which is not the case for this wiki) only Free Content Licensed images are allowed. If images aren't under a free license (I'm pretty sure the ones listed above aren't) and/ or you aren't able to state the source, please mark them for deletion, so that they can be removed. Please enter up all missing sources and license tags for the images you uploaded and get the ones you can't do that for deleted, thanks. [[foundation:Resolution:Licensing policy|Further information]] - [[सदस्य:Hoo man|Hoo man]] ([[सदस्य चर्चा:Hoo man|चर्चा]]) ०१:५०, २१ मे २०१२ (IST)