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As I know everyone's common goal in Marathi wiki is to expand the Marathi wiki projects and to make its community more healthy and vibrant than it already is - and I am confident this will help to further improve the quality of Marathi projects. Thanks once again for writing to me. --[[सदस्य:Shiju|Shiju]] १०:०५, १० जानेवारी २०१२ (UTC)
==STOP this==
You are saying you are consultant to wikimedia foundation meaning you are paid by foundation for doing work. Then I suppose you are '''servant''' (who servers for community at cost) and not '''boss''' over community.
I hope before coming to any conclusion you may have done some study/research. Because you know few (your friends) you have taken there interviews and based on selected politically dominated tinted people you are drawing conclusions is totally wrong methodology. '''STOP this.''' This is not a proper way of doing research and analysis.
#Have you every given any public declaration on village pump for feedback?
#Have you ever checked the top editors on Marathi?
#How you decide samples?
#What sample size one should have and whether they are form which domain?
If you did not know standard research methodology please dot not do it. I will also raise questions on your research methodology on meta so that more people can give there opinion.
[[सदस्य:Meshram|Meshram]] १४:४६, १० जानेवारी २०१२ (UTC)