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I am not doing any specific task on Marathi Tithi. Just wanted to create the required pages and possible information. That's all. I can support your work of vertualisation once I get the idea and details what you are exactly doing. My vision is that we get some information about our festivals and marathi tithi either in Panchang/ kalnirnaya / Bhaktimarg pradip. We and our next generation should get all this information on Wikipedia and also understand the real meaning/ cause of doing it.... मंदार कुलकर्णी ०८:५०, ४ ऑगस्ट २०११ (UTC)
चैत्र शु.प्रतिपदा/द्वितिया- हे नुकतेच टाकलेले लेख बघावेत. काही दुरुस्त्या /त्रुटी असतील तर सुचवाव्यात ही विनंती.
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