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'काढून टाकायचे' Equivalent
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('काढून टाकायचे' Equivalent)
just one suggestion we don;t need odirect reference to wikipedia in this because this will be used by all projects like wiktionary, wikisources and other non-wikiimedia projects that use wiki software. ----[[User:कोल्हापुरी|कोल्हापुरी]] 05:18, 20 डिसेंबर 2006 (UTC)
== 'काढून टाकायचे' Equivalent ==
:I would suggest 'वगळणे'. instead of 'काढून टाकणे'.
:It is because of shorter length (sometimes it might not fit container).
[[User:Harshalhayat|Harshalhayat]] 15:01, 28 डिसेंबर 2006 (UTC)