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At the age of 5, Vyjayanthimala got the rare chance of performing a dance before the Pope. At age 15, she got a break in [[AVM Productions]] [[Tamil language|Tamil]] movie, ''[[Vazhkai]]'', which was directed by M. V. Raman, a family friend. The movie was a success, and was remade in Hindi as ''Bahaar'' (1951). She acted in a few more Tamil movies before moving on to a highly successful career in Hindi movies. Her dance competition with [[Padmini (actress)|Padmini]] in the Tamil film, ''Vanjikottai Vaaliban'', received much acclaim.
Vyjayanthimala got her initial Hindi movie roles in ''Ladki'' and ''[[Nagin]]'' (1954). [[Hemant Kumarकुमार]]'s music and her dance accompanying the song, ''Man Dole, Mera tan dole'', in ''Nagin'' made the movie an enormous success, and the movie's success helped Vyjayanthimala break out of B grade movies. [[Bimal Roy]] cast her as ''Chandramukhi'' opposite [[Dilip Kumarकुमार]] in the critically acclaimed ''[[Devdas (1955 film)|Devdas]]''. She subsequently starred in four successful films opposite [[Dilip Kumarकुमार]]: ''[[Madhumati]]'', ''[[Ganga Jamuna]]'', ''[[Leader]]'', and ''[[Naya Daur]]''. The first two of those four roles earned her [[Filmfare Best Actress Awards]]. She also received a [[Filmfare]] nomination as Best Actress for portraying in ''[[Sadhna]]''' a [[tawaif]] (a courtesan) who eventually got rehabilitated in the society. She costarred with [[Raj Kapoor]] in ''[[Sangam (film)|Sangam]]'' which earned her the [[Filmfare Best Actress Award]]. (She denied rumors of an affair with Raj Kapoor during the production of ''Sangam'', saying that it was a publicity stunt by Kapoor to boost his image<ref>[http://www.indiafm.com/slideshow/2007/09/10/90/index.html Vyjayantimala remembers the RK-Dilip Kumarकुमार rivalry<!-- Bot generated title -->]{{मृत दुवा}}</ref>.)
Vyjayanthimala starred in the 1966 historical epic, ''[[Amrapali (film)|Amrapali]]'', based on the life of the legendary Buddhist courtesan [[Amrapali]]. The movie was not a commercial success, and the commercial failure much disappointed her as she considered it the magnum opus of her career. Later, she said that she would like to see a remake of that movie, with [[Madhuri Dixit]] playing her role.<ref>[http://www.boloji.com/cinema/040.htm Remake Rage in Bollywood by MS Ahsan<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
She costarred with [[Dev Anand]] in ''[[Jewel Thief]]'', with [[Rajendra Kumarकुमार]] in ''[[Suraj]]'', with [[Shammi Kapoor]] in ''[[Prince (film)|Prince]]'', and with [[Kishore Kumarकुमार]] in his inane yet zany comedies,including the blockbuster ''[[New Delhi]]''. Vyjayanthimala's Tamil movies included Vanjikottai Valiban, Irumbuthirai, Then Nilavu, Vaazhkai, Penn, Parthiban Kanavu (old), and Baghdad Thirudan.
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