"२००९ बहरैन ग्रांप्री" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

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|Third_Country = Italy
== Classification ==
=== Qualifying ===
<!--As the FIA makes the weights of each car public after qualifying, perhaps we should add these to the qualifying table one they have been released?-->
''Cars that used [[Regenerative brake#Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems|KERS]] are marked with'' "‡"
* {{fnb|१}}[[आद्रियान सुटिल]] was issued a ३ place grid-penalty for impeding [[मार्क वेबर]] during qualifying.<ref>{{स्रोत बातमी |दुवा=http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/७४८१२ |शीर्षक=Sutil handed three-place penalty |पहिलेनाव=Pablo |आडनाव=Elizalde |कृती=autosport.com |प्रकाशक=[[Haymarket Group|Haymarket Publications]] |date=२००९-०४-२५ |अ‍ॅक्सेसदिनांक=२००९-०४-२५}}</ref>
=== Race ===
{| class="wikitable" style="font-size:९५%"
* <small>'''Note:''' Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.</small>
* '''Most consecutive finishes:''' [[निक हाइडफेल्ड]] equalled [[Michael Schumacher]]'s record of 24 consecutive finishes, bringing home his [[सॉबर|बी.एम.डब्ल्यू. सौबर]] in 19th and last place.
== References ==