"चेन्नई" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

७९ बाइट्स वगळले ,  ३ वर्षांपूर्वी
[[चित्र:Marina Beach.jpg|200X|right|thumb|[[मरीना चौपाटी]], जगातील सर्वांत लांब चौपाटींपैकी एक]]
=== भूगोल ===
चेन्नई भारताच्या आग्नेय किनाऱ्यावर वसले आहे. या शहराची सरासरी पातळी {{convert|6.7|m|ft|abbr=off}} आहे आणि सर्वांत उंच बिंदूची पातळी {{convert|60|m|ft|abbr=on}} एवढी आहे.
[[चित्र:Chennai.satmap.annotated.jpg|thumb|Chennai is on a flat [[coastal plain]], as shown on this [[Landsat 7]] map.]]
<ref name="highest-point">{{cite journal
Its average elevation is around {{convert|6.7|m|ft|abbr=off}},<ref>{{संकेतस्थळ स्रोत
|शीर्षक=Geographical and physical features
|कृती=District Profile
|प्रकाशक=Govt of India
|ॲक्सेसदिनांक=2007-10-04}}</ref> and its highest point is {{convert|60|m|ft|abbr=on}}.<ref name="highest-point">{{cite journal
|last = Pulikesi
|first = M
|quote=Chennai is fairly low-lying, its highest point being only {{convert|300|m|ft|abbr=off}} above sea level is a rugged barren hill opposite to the Airport called Pallavapuram Hill.
|doi = 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2005.12.039
|pmid = 16442714}}</ref> Theचेन्नईच्या [[Marinaकिनाऱ्यावर Beach]]१२ runsकिमी forलांबीची 12&nbsp;kmमरीना alongचौपाटी theवसली shoreline of the cityआहे. Two rivers meander through Chennai, the [[Cooum River]] (or ''Koovam'') through the centre and the [[Adyar River]] to the south. A third river, the Kortalaiyar, flows through the northern fringes of the city before draining into the sea at Ennore. Adyar and Cooum rivers are heavily polluted with [[effluent]]s and [[waste]] from domestic and commercial sources. The state government periodically removes [[silt]] and [[pollution]] from the [[Adyar]], which is much less polluted than the Cooum. A protected [[estuary]] on the Adyar forms a natural [[habitat]] for several species of birds and animals.<ref name="adyarestuary1">{{स्रोत बातमी
|आडनाव = Baskaran
|पहिलेनाव = Theodore S