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→‎See also: simpler code
छो (r2.7.1) (Robot: Adding ast:Plantía:Wikivar)
(→‎See also: simpler code)
==See also==
* {{tl|Para}} – for displaying wiki template parameters ({{para|title}}) or parameters and values ({{para|year|2008}})
* {{tl|Tlx}} and related – for displaying entire templates (with or without parameters and values) as code
* {{tl|Var}} – for displaying variables more generally, in mathematics, source code, etc.; same as {{tl|varserif}}, below, but without forced serif font; use for all variables other than I (upper-case i) and l (lower-case L)
* {{tl|Varserif}} – same as {{tl|var}}, above, but uses a serif font, especially for distinguishing between I (upper-case i) and l (lower-case L) as variables
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