"विकिपीडिया:चावडी" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

२,७४२ बाइट्सची भर घातली ,  १३ वर्षांपूर्वी
नमस्कार ऑक्टोबर २००७ चे मुखपृष्ठ सदर म्हणून [[अशोक सराफ]] या लेखाचा विचार व्हावा. सदस्य मराठीप्रेमी यांनी या लेखावर काम केले आहे व मा.स म्हणून चित्रपट विषयक लेख असावा असे मला वाटते. कृपया लेखावर सम-समीक्षा अपेक्षित आहे तर ती सदस्यांनी करावी ही विनंती. मराठीप्रेमी यांचे अभिनंदन व आभार. [[सदस्य:महाराष्ट्र एक्सप्रेस|महाराष्ट्र एक्सप्रेस]] १२:५१, १२ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)
== Members please join स्वागत आणि साहाय्य चमू ==
*[[:mr:वर्ग:Helpdesk|स्वागत आणि साहाय्य चमू ]]
Even while Marathi Wikipedia is equiped with minimum level of help pages, new users find warm personalised attention very usefull and encouraging.
While Marathi Wikipedia admins Abhay and Sankalp have been carrying out this work almost single handedly ,I wish and request other members to come ahead in assisting them in this task.Now it is time Marathi Wikipedia new membership and their edits are increasing very fast.
Please, please, please think over my sincere apeal and share following tasks if possible.
:Marathi Wikipedians who are interested in welcoming new logged in or anonnymous users and support them with personalised attention and help ,please do add in this[[[[:mr:वर्ग:Helpdesk|वर्ग:Helpdesk]]]] on your own user talk page.
The purpose of this Category is to co-ordinate help activities requiring personal attention by Marathi Wikipedians.
:One of Helpdesk objective is to reach new users and anonymous users with a welcome message in shortest possible time, i.e. within 5-10 minutes , after you observe such activity on [[Special:RecentChanges|अलीकडील बदल]].
We have three types of welcome messages in our kitty :
*<nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:Welcome|Welcome]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki> for users who created a new user log in account.
*<nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:Fasthelp|Fasthelp]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki> for anonymous users who seem to be posting messages/writing in Romanised Marathi,many times at wrong page.
*<nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:Fonthelp|Fonthelp]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki> can be used along with <nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:Fasthelp|Fasthelp]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki> where specific request is made for help in respect of Marathi fonts usage.
*<nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:सूचना अनामिक सदस्य|सूचना अनामिक सदस्य]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki> This template is for people who are posting/writing in proper articles but either did not create log in account or did not notice that they are not logged in.
*Another Category [[:mr:वर्ग:Wikipedians looking for help|Wikipedians looking for help]] usual help requirements coming from any logged in user who posts a Template <nowiki>{{Helpme}}</nowiki> on any of talk pages.After providing help on such pages please do not forget to remove the Template<nowiki>{{Helpme}}</nowiki> from said page.
*<nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:Copyright?|Copyright?]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki> Please do use this template if you feel guiding a new memebr about importance of copy right aspects is usefull.