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This template is used to show a template in the users interface language.
== How to convert a template ==
Before you apply this template, first you have to prepare the template.
=== Pick a template ===
First you have to pick a template to autotranslate. See [[User:Multichill/Template i18n]] for a list.
=== Create a layout template ===
If the template is not to difficult you should create a layout template to contain the layout of all language versions of the template. See for example [[Cc-by-1.0/layout]].
This template should not add any categories when transluded.
=== Create a documentation page ===
First create a documentation page at ''template name''/doc. This documentation page should include some code for creating language versions of the template. See for example [[Template:Cc-by-1.0/doc]]
=== Convert existing language versions ===
Each language version of the template should be checked and converted to use the layout template.
=== Convert the main template ===
The last step is to enable the template. Be sure to check everything before you enable the template. You can cause a really big mess!
To enable the template, put this code in the template for the layout part:
<nowiki>{{Autotranslate|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|}}}|base=</nowiki>''template name''<nowiki>}}</nowiki>
See for example [[Template:Cc-by-1.0]]
=== Protect templates ===
The main template page is probably already protected. You should probably also protect /layout, /lang & /en.
== Code snippet ==
To use this template, include the following code: