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→‎शंतनू (Talk): माझे समर्थन आहे
(→‎शंतनू (Talk): माझे समर्थन आहे)
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| {{कौल|Y|sudhanwa| When almost all the sysops are not taking any action on so many user ids doing various personal remarks/attacks, if someone is coming up to take some bold decisions, it should be appreciated. (Even in this voting, there are personal remarks by Ganesh Pawar.) Request to ignore vote of Zadazadati101 as that account is another dummy account created to create confusion with the other previously creates/in use account Zadazadati which is doing a cleanup of personal remarks. He is already a sysop on Marathi Wikisource and is doing good work there. माझे समर्थन आहे }}
| {{कौल|Y|changeme_username|माझे समर्थन आहे}}
| {{कौल|N|Zadazadati101|No real help to Marathi Wikipedia except automation of "Swagat Sacha" and some spell check. Need to do actual contribution for some time and then apply }}