"गोवा आंतरराष्ट्रीय विमानतळ" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

==भारतीय आरमारी तळ==
दाबोळी आरमारी वायुसेना तळ हा भारतीय वायुसेनेच्या [[कोइंबतूर]] जवळील [[सुलुर]] येथील तळाचा भाग असल्याचे मानले जाते. १९८३पासून आरमाराने आपली [[बी.ए.ई. सी हॅरियर]] प्रकारच्या विमानांची तुकडी येथे आणली व वैमानिक प्रशिक्षण केन्द्रही उभारले. [[आय.एन.एस. विक्रमादित्य]] या नवीन विमानवाहू नौके बरोबर विकत घेतलेल्या १२ [[मिग-२९के]] विमानांपैकी चार विमानांना दाबोळी येथे स्थित करण्याचा बेत आहे.<ref>[http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1050070.cms India to receive MiG-29 from Russia in 2007]. [[The Times of India]]. 13 March 2006</ref> कारवारस्थित विक्रमादित्यच्या डेकची प्रतिकृती दाबोळी येथे बांधण्यात येत आहे. विमानवाहू नौके वर ये-जा करण्याचा सराव करण्यासाठी असलेल्या या धावपट्टीला २८३ मी लांबी असलेला १४.३ अंशाचा स्की-जंपसुद्धा आहे.
याशिवाय भारतीय आरमाराची [[कामोव्ह केए-२८]] प्रकारची पाणबुडीविरोधी हेलिकॉप्टर, [[इल्युशिन आयएल-१८|आयएल-१८]], [[इल्युशिन आयएल-३८|आयएल-३८]] आणि [[तुपोलेव्ह टीयू-१४२एम|टीयू-१४२एम]] प्रकारची विमाने दाबोळी विमानतळावर स्थित आहेत. भारतीय वायुसेनेची काही लढाऊबॉम्बफेकी विमाने आणि भारतीय तटरक्षक सेना आपली डॉर्नियर प्रकारची विमाने दाबोळीस ठेवतात. ही विमाने किनाऱ्याजवळील समुद्रात गस्त घालतात तर आरमाराची निःशस्त्र विमाने थेट आफ्रिकेच्या किनाऱ्यापर्यंत टेहळणी करीत असतात. आरमारी वायुसेनेची [[किरण (विमान)|किरण]] ही हवाई कसरती करणारी विमानेसुद्धा दाबोळीत आहेत. ही विमाने वर्षातून दोन वेळा १५-२० मिनिटांच्या कसरती गोव्यात करुन दाखवतात. दाबोळी विमानतळावरच आरमारी वायुसेनेचे संग्रहालयही आहे.
== Tying things down ==
Besides the operation of [[STOVL]] aircraft, the Sea Harriers, the Navy also operates the [[Kamov Ka-28]] anti submarine helicopters, the IL-38 and TU-142M aircraft. Dabolim airbase also hosts exercises by the [[Indian Air Force]]'s fighter bombers and it has facilities for the [[Indian Coast Guard]] which operates a fleet of small aircraft such as Dorniers. The beaches comprising 70% of Goa's {{convert|105|km|mi|adj=on}} coast line are vulnerable to oil spills from the heavy tanker traffic in the Arabian Sea and capsizing of vessels engaged in coastal shipping as well as illegal discharge of dirty water from both. The Coast Guard is not yet able to operate at night. But the Indian Navy also carries out long range [[maritime patrol]]s as far as the [[Horn of Africa]] from Dabolim using unarmed aircraft such as the [[Ilyushin Il-18]]. This activity has assumed significance recently due to a spate of pirate attacks in the area on maritime shipping involving Indian crews.
Of late the Navy has been displaying its 3-plane aerobatic team, based at Dabolim. The team comprises three Kiran aircraft which carry out aerobatic displays at various locations in the country. The team is used in one or two annual public events in Goa for flypasts of 15 to 20 minutes duration. The Navy also operates a naval aviation museum at Dabolim airport.
The Government of India appointed a new Navy chief, Admiral Sureesh Mehta, on 1 November 2006. The officer has had a long association with Dabolim naval air station and is a staunch proponent of its continuation in perpetuity. In conjunction with what he called the Navy's "low intensity maritime operations" he said it had averted "various threats".<ref name="Goa_Plus_Article"/>
==एर कार्गो==
Dabolim's potential for air cargo has not yet been seriously tapped. An estimated {{convert|5000|t|short ton|lk=on}} of cargo were handled annually as of a few years ago and may have declined since then. Meanwhile 90% of India's air cargo is concentrated in the top six airports together with Ahmedabad. Most of the country's air cargo is carried in the belly-space of airlines such as Air India rather than in dedicated freighters. There is no worthwhile cargo complex at Dabolim especially for perishables like fish, fruits, flowers and vegetables for which there is a significant export market in the Gulf countries. Meanwhile Goa's pharmaceutical companies carry out their export/import operations via Mumbai airport. The customs staff in Dabolim's vicinity are focused on ship cargo. The Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) had been pleading for priority to air cargo for several years. The state government had even agreed, in principle, to allotting nearby land to AAI but there has been no perceptible progress in this direction.