"गोवा आंतरराष्ट्रीय विमानतळ" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

== सेनासैनिकी विमान प्रशिक्षण ==
भारतीय आरमार दाबोळी विमानतळावरुन आठवड्यातील पाच दिवस सकाळी ०८:३० ते दुपारी १३:०० पर्यंत आपल्या वैमानिकांच्या प्रशिक्षणार्थ लढाऊ विमाने उडवते. या काळात प्रवासी विमानांना येण्या-जाण्यास परवानगी नसते. काही वेळेस चार्टर सेवांना अपवाद म्हणून ही मुभा दिली जाते. गेल्या काही महिन्यांत आरमाराने हे नियम किंचित शिथिल केले आहेत.
==विमानतळास नागरी विमानळ करण्यासाठीची चळवळ==
By 2005, total passengers had increased to 987,690 (1944 domestic plus 762 international passengers per day, year unspecified).<ref>[http://www.traveldailynews.com/makeof.asp?central_id=894&permanent_id=33 The Skies Open Up Over India]. Travel Daily News. 26 October 2005.</ref> The figure for 2004-05 was placed at nearly 1.3 million giving a daily average of 3467. Data for April 2005 and 2006 are given in [http://www.airportsindia.org.in/traffic_news/april2k6_annex3.jsp an Airports Authority Of India report]. The airport director has claimed that 2.2 million passengers used the airport in CY 2006. This rose to about 2.6 million in CY 2007. The airport is ranked among the top ten in the country in terms of passenger traffic. Airport authorities consider that it has been operating at saturation levels since 2004.
== सेना विमान प्रशिक्षण ==
The military flight training at Dabolim is carried out on 5 days of the week from 0830 hrs to 1300 hrs, during which hours civilian flights cannot operate. Some exceptions have been made on rare occasions by the naval ATC, chiefly in the case of foreign airlines. [[Charter airline]]s carrying international tourists during the season tend to use the freer civil aviation regimes on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and in the early morning hours. The blocked time is about 15% of the total on a weekly basis albeit during peak morning hours for civilian flights. Recently the Navy released a few hours blocked in the evenings on two weekdays, in favour of civilian flights.
==नागरी स्थिती परत आणण्यास प्रचार==
There has been a demand in local political circles for the restoration of Dabolim's civilian status by relocating the Indian Navy' air station to an airfield in the new [[INS Kadamba]] naval base at [[Karwar]], 70 kilometres (43 miles) south of Dabolim in the adjoining state of [[कर्नाटक|Karnataka]]. However, the Indian Navy's top officers in Goa have hinted that the investment at Dabolim naval air station is 750 Crores and that it would be impossible to replicate this at Karwar.<ref name="Goa_Plus_Article">D'Cunha C. "Room for more flights at Dabolim: Adm.Mehta". ''Goa Plus'' (''[[The Times of India]]'' supplement). 5 January 2007</ref>