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|+ Statistics for '''Dabolimदाबोळी विमानतळाची Airportसांख्यिकी'''[http://www.azworldairports.com/cfm/frame.cfm?src=http://www.azworldairports.com/airports/p2720mme.htm]
! वर्ष !! एकूण प्रवासी !! एकूण विमान आवागमनसंख्या
! Year !! Total Passengers !! Total Aircraft Movements
! 1999
By 2005, total passengers had increased to 987,690 (1944 domestic plus 762 international passengers per day, year unspecified).<ref>[http://www.traveldailynews.com/makeof.asp?central_id=894&permanent_id=33 The Skies Open Up Over India]. Travel Daily News. 26 October 2005.</ref> The figure for 2004-05 was placed at nearly 1.3 million giving a daily average of 3467. Data for April 2005 and 2006 are given in [http://www.airportsindia.org.in/traffic_news/april2k6_annex3.jsp an Airports Authority Of India report]. The airport director has claimed that 2.2 million passengers used the airport in CY 2006. This rose to about 2.6 million in CY 2007. The airport is ranked among the top ten in the country in terms of passenger traffic. Airport authorities consider that it has been operating at saturation levels since 2004.
*In December 2005 a Sea Harrier crashed through a steel wire barrier, broke through the perimeter wall, and went over a road before ending in a fireball on the other side. The pilot was killed.<ref name="Unnithan"/>
*On 24 December 2007 a Sea Harrier crashed and burned at 11:15 AM while attempting a vertical landing with a full fuel tank at the eastern end of the runway. The pilot ejected to safety but civilian airport operations were halted for 90 minutes.
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