"विकिपीडिया:चावडी/प्रचालकीय कामाचे मुल्यांकन" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

::The gentleman further writes with special effect red colour on his user page "I stand by whatever I said and i belive in whatever I said, If anyone was offended by post they were meant to be offended." So rather than discussions and resolutions of the issues gentelman belives that he has got a god given duty to offend other people .This argument is to indirectly beliving that it is ok to offend,eliminate and punish if possible to people for their conscience and difference of openions ,so does he realy remain competant to carry on his adminship duties impartialy in future too ? [[सदस्य:भीमरावमहावीरजोशीपाटील|भीमरावमहावीरजोशीपाटील]] ([[सदस्य चर्चा:भीमरावमहावीरजोशीपाटील|चर्चा]]) ०१:५६, ११ ऑगस्ट २०१२ (IST)