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In this section we will provide you with contact information for specific individuals or functions. If you are interested in general discussion about Wikimedia and its projects, please join one of our public mailing lists or IRC channels.

Wikimedia Foundation

Postal address साचा:Foundation address

Phone: +1-727-231-0101
Email: info@wikimedia.org
Fax: +1-727-258-0207
(note: we get a large number of calls; email or fax is always a better first option)

Press and media contacts

Reusing content from Wikimedia sites

The Wikimedia Foundation owns almost none of the content on Wikimedia sites — it is owned by the individual creators. However, almost all may be freely reused without individual permission under the terms of the particular license it is under. See the reuse FAQ for detailed explanations.

Local chapters

Please note that the local chapters listed below are independent associations with no legal control of or responsibility for the websites of the Wikimedia Foundation and vice versa. साचा:Chapters addresses


Feedback on this website can be given at meta:Wikimedia site feedback.

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