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ह्या लेखाचा/विभागाचा इंग्रजी किंवा अमराठी भाषेतून मराठी भाषेत भाषांतर करावयाचे बाकी आहे. अनुवाद करण्यास आपलाही सहयोग हवा आहे. ऑनलाईन शब्दकोश आणि इतर सहाय्या करिता भाषांतर प्रकल्पास भेट द्या.

Disambiguation pages with links is a project that patrols the incoming links to disambiguation pages. These non-article pages exist to clarify and ease confusion in cases where two or more similarly named articles exist—for example, if two or more famous people have the same name. Ideally, article namespace pages should not link to disambiguation pages, except when the ambiguity of a term is being discussed (as in hatnotes mentioning that a term has other meanings); instead, links should go directly to the appropriate article. Where an article intentionally links to a disambiguation page, that link should be through a "Foo (disambiguation)" redirect, to make it clear that the link is intentional. Links from non-article namespaces are allowed, but still may need to be disambiguated. Redirects to disambiguation pages (e.g. residuals redirects to residual, which is a disambiguation page) are not considered to be within the article namespace for purposes of this guideline.

This page lists the disambiguation pages that do have incoming links, most of which need to be fixed.

How to helpसंपादन करा

  1. First, please familiarize yourself with Disambiguation, which describes guidelines about how and when to disambiguate. Please also review the Manual of Style for disambiguation pages.
  2. Next, choose a disambiguation page to fix from Visit the disambiguation page you have selected, and familiarize yourself with the possible targets for links.
  3. Click on the What links here link in the "toolbox" on the left side of the screen.
  4. For each page listed, visit the page. The most important pages to fix are those in the Article and Template namespaces. User pages and "Wikipedia:" administrative pages do not necessarily need to be fixed. Please avoid editing comments on "Talk:" pages; doing so is usually inadvisable per the talk page guidelines. It's okay for redirects to point to a disambiguation page, but articles linking to these redirects need to be fixed.
  5. Edit the link that goes to the disambiguation page to link to the most appropriate article listed on the disambiguation page. Be careful to avoid introducing an Easter egg link if the new target is not an obvious synonym for the displayed link.
  6. To help people find this project, consider using an edit summary like the following:
    Repairing links to disambiguation pages - [[Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links|You can help!]]
  7. Please remember: it is more important to disambiguate correctly than to disambiguate quickly. Make sure you make the best choice; if you're not sure, leave a note on the talk page and let someone who has a better understanding of the subject fix it.
  8. Occasionally, links can simply be removed. Usually, a term should not be linked more than once in a single article or section. When the link refers to a meaning of the term for which there is no relevant article, but you feel that such an article would be notable and beneficial to the encyclopedia, consider creating a red link to a possible title. If the meaning is unlikely to merit enyclopedic coverage, you may wish to remove it or replace it with a link to Wiktionary, using the shortcut [[wikt:]].
  9. If you fix all the main namespace links to that disambiguation page, please move it to the "#Done|Done" section.
  10. Some pages gather links quickly and need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, you may have special knowledge or a special affection for the topic of a particular disambiguation page. For these reasons or any other, consider adopting a disambiguation page.
  11. If all or most of the links refer to one meaning of the article name, it may make more sense to redirect the disambiguation page to that article and perhaps set up a disambiguation block.
  12. Once you become comfortable with the disambiguation process, you may wish to read this guide to help you disambiguate more efficiently.
  13. tlu|Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links/Userbox can be placed on your user page to show that you fix ambiguous links. You may also use Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links/Usertop, which will display the Wikipedia:WikiProject Disambiguation logo in the title bar of your userpage. Using either of these adds you to :Category:Wikipedians who help fix disambiguation pages with links.
  14. Encourage other editors active in disambiguating by awarding them a tls|Disambiguator's Barnstar.