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Gunjewadi(Shashikant Ankushrao Dhangekar). Gunjewadi is a village located in osmanabad district in state of maharastra(India). It is famous for God MAHSOBA Temple. People of the village celebrate festival for the lord MAHSOBA every year.The people this village have a very high belief on GOD MAHSOBA.They believe that god is watching each and everyone in the village.They have a belief that if anyone goes against god they will go blind.For the same reason people don’t even use kerosene oil since it is forbidden stuff for god MAHSOBA according to loacl priests in the village. The village is 20km away from the osmanabad Town.Just south side of Gunjewadi Ambejawalge village is loacted.in the east it is sorrounded by Laman Tanda(The littel part of ambejawalge) in the west sorrounded by kari(Barshi Tahsil) in the north it is sorrounded by Sonegaon & Bhansgaon respectively. The population of the village is near about 1000 people.The village has Zillah Parishad primary School.For graduation collage people need to go to the osmanabad District. The weather of the village is pleasant since it is surrounded by hills.chief occupation of the village is agriculture.The chief fruits grown are banana, grapes and papaya.other occupation includes dairy forms using cows.the people of the village are couteous in nature.How to reach Gunjewadi osmanabad-------Hatladevi-----Khanapur-----Koudgaon-------ambejawalge-----Gunjewadi

"उस्मानाबाद" पानाकडे परत चला.